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Chainlink We offer several types of mesh fencing including chainlink, weldmesh and heavy gauge mesh panel systems. Chainlink Is offered as a multi purpose fencing system, which can be used for security, agricultural and domestic purposes. Chainlink is constructed from a woven mesh of steel wire, which is available in many different grades and heights to suit requirement. We offer chainlink in two finishes - galvanized or galvanized core with PVC coloured coating. All available in a variety of different wire thicknesses to meet degree of required security. To accommodate the chainlink we offer a comprehensive range of steel posts, which are available in many different variations i.e., cranked top, baseplated, all manufactured to suit customers exact requirements and available in three different finishes, painted, galvanized or galvanized and polyester colour coated. Weldmesh Offered as an alternative to the chainlink, the main difference being where chainlink is constructed from woven wires the wires of the weldmesh fencing are joined by electro welding given a more ridged construction than chainklink fencing. Again also offered in a variety of grades and finishes along with posts and gates. Heavy Gauge Mesh Systems Post and panel systems are available in many difference specifications heights and colours.Panels are generally manufactured from 5mm dia wires, which are welded at each joint This system is more ridged than both chainlink and weldmesh fencing along with a more attractive appearance. Gates also available to match in many sizes.